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My 2018 Giving

I publish this post for three reasons:

  1. I hope that it will inspire others to give more;

  2. To reflect on my past giving habits so that my future ones will be better;

  3. To commit myself publicly to continuing good giving behavior.

Total 2018 Donations: $11,345.99

In 2018, I donated $11,345.99 to 19 Effective Altruism charities. By charity:

By cause area:


Past and Future Giving Philosophy

On reflection, for most of my donations by count, I did not have a principled way of allocating my donations across EA charities or causes. Many of the smaller donations were for friends’ birthday fundraisers.

I now accept the argument that small-dollar donors like myself one should donate solely to the most effective charity. I believe that this is the Long-Term Future EA Fund and will therefore be directing nearly all of my 2019 donations there. Additionally, for reasons I give here, I will be saving all my 2019 donations not already made for Giving Tuesday 2019. I expect to make exceptions in the following cases:

  • 1% of my income to GiveWell-recommended charities through One For the World because I have made a commitment to them and because such donations are necessary to build my credibility as a fundraiser for them; and

  • Friends’ birthday fundraisers for EA charities, since I think they are a valuable way of growing/supporting the EA community and promoting EA causes.

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